Data Protection Essentials

Help ensure staff understand and comply with the Data Protection Act with our elearning course – now updated to preview the forthcoming GDPR

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With ever-increasing amounts of personal data being processed by organisations and identity theft a growing threat, it's never been more important for staff to know how to protect personal data and comply with the Data Protection Act. And the stakes really couldn't be any higher: criminal proceedings, large fines, seizure of personal data and civil action are all likely outcomes of failing to comply with the Act.

Fortunately, it's not all bad news. Our Data Protection Essentials online training course provides staff with the knowledge and skills they need to comply with the Data Protection Act. Featuring detailed explanations of all eight principles of the Act, case studies to explore the practical implications of the law, and a unique 'ask the expert' feature for staff who need to know more, Data Protection Essentials is the most comprehensive and cost-effective data protection training package available online.

What about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? The course already previews the main provisions of the GDPR and we’ll be releasing a fully revised version based entirely on the new legislation later this year. We provide free legislation and maintenance updates throughout the period you deploy the course, so you can always be sure it reflects the latest legislation and best practice guidelines.

Our staff give positive feedback, finding the sessions easy to follow and learn from. The training is clear and interesting, turning some ‘dry’ subjects into a stimulating and enjoyable learning experience. On a personal level, I have always found Cylix to be highly professional, helpful and responsive to customer needs.

Roger SmithProcurement Contracts Management OfficerNorth Yorkshire County Council

Course contents

The Data Protection Essentials training course is made up of four bite-sized sections:

  1. Why protect data?

    Introduces what personal data is, why it's so important and the responsibilities placed on organisations and individuals by the Data Protection Act.

  2. The eight principles

    Provides clear, comprehensive explanations of all eight principles of the Data Protection Act. Now updated to introduce the main provisions of the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  3. What would you do?

    Puts users in the hot seat by presenting them with a series of case studies and asking them to decide how the law applies in each case.

  4. Test your knowledge

    Comprehensive mastery test to verify each user's knowledge and understanding of the contents of the course. On successfully passing the test, users can download a personal course completion certificate.

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This course is available tailored for the following sectors:

  • General Workplace
  • Public sector
  • University/HE
  • College/FE
  • School
  • Fire & Rescue

Who’s using the course?

  • Anglian Water
  • Bath & North East Somerset Council
  • The Barnet Group
  • Civil Aviation Authority
  • Derwentside Homes
  • General Medical Council
  • London Metropolitan University
  • Norfolk County Council
  • Royal Society
  • Salvation Army
  • TUC