Health & Safety Essentials

Provide essential health & safety training flexibly and cost-effectively with our comprehensive suite of elearning modules

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  • RoSPA Qualifications Course Assured
  • CPD Certified

With work-related illness and injury accounting for nearly 30 million lost working days every year, health and safety is far more than a compliance issue - it's a vital pre-requisite for the well-being of your employees and the operational effectiveness of your whole organisation.

Packed with sophisticated interactive exercises, discovery learning laboratories and advanced animations, Health & Safety Essentials is far more than just another health and safety course: it's a fully-featured online training resource that builds an in-depth understanding of key health and safety issues, and the practical steps that can be taken to counter them.

Mouchel came to Cylix to reinvigorate our health, safety and environmental elearning provision. Cylix were able to offer an unrivalled selection of health and safety modules... backed up with an excellent level of customer service.

Oliver GilmoreHealth & Safety / CDM Compliance AdvisorMouchel

Course contents

With our Health & Safety Essentials online training course, you can deploy the specific training your staff need by picking and choosing from the following range of 12 modules:

  1. Understanding Health & Safety

    • What is health and safety?
    • Main causes of accidents at work
    • Improving safety through risk assessment
    • Key legislation
    • Legal responsibilities of employers and employees
  2. Working with Computers

    • Dangers of working with computers
    • Choosing an appropriate chair
    • Adopting the right posture
    • Setting up your workstation
    • Guidelines for using laptops
  3. Lifting & Carrying

    • Assessing whether it’s safe to lift and carry
    • Planning and preparing the route
    • Adopting the correct lifting technique
    • Storing items safely
  4. Stress Busting

    • What is stress?
    • Identifying the sources of stress
    • Tackling stress
  5. Personal Safety

    • What can be seen as an act of violence?
    • Reducing the risk of violence
    • What to do if a situation becomes violent
    • Tools, techniques and procedures to protect lone workers
  6. Hazardous Substances

    • What are hazardous substances?
    • COSHH and its implications
    • Common infectious diseases and their symptoms
    • Reducing the risk from hazardous substances
  7. Fire Safety

    • Three elements needed for fire
    • Identifying fire hazards
    • Typical fire safety features in workplaces
    • What to do in the event of a fire
    • Which extinguisher to use when
  8. Reporting Health & Safety Incidents

    • Why it’s important to report incidents (accident triangle)
    • How to report incidents
  9. Staying Safe on the Road

    • Planning journeys to reduce risk
    • Essential vehicle maintenance checks
    • Safe driving practices and techniques
    • When and how to use mobile phones on the road
    • What to do in an accident
  10. Asbestos Awareness

    • What is asbestos?
    • The threats posed by asbestos
    • Where can asbestos be found?
    • Legal responsibilities of organisations
    • What to do if you encounter asbestos
  11. Working at Height

    • What is “working at height”?
    • Identifying dangerous activities
    • Practices, tools & equipment for minimising risk
  12. Behavioural Safety Essentials

    • What is behavioural safety?
    • Benefits of behavioural safety
    • Understanding the human factors behind accidents
    • Identifying the root cause of accidents
    • Creating a positive safety culture
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Who’s using the course?

  • Aberystwyth University
  • Askham Bryan College
  • Bryanston School
  • Derwentside Homes
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Glasgow
  • learndirect
  • Manchester City Council
  • Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group
  • NHBC
  • Salvation Army
  • Tower Hamlets College