Staying Covid-Safe at Work

Ensure staff who return to work know what to expect and what to do to minimise risk and stay Covid-safe with our elearning course. Student Edition available for Colleges & Universities

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The Covid-19 pandemic continues to have a huge impact, not least on staff returning to work, who need to adapt to environments and practices that are likely to be unfamiliar and unsettling. The challenge is to prepare them for the new normal and provide them with the practical knowledge and guidelines they need to work safely and effectively.

And this is where our Staying Covid-Safe at Work online training course can help. It looks at the threat posed by Covid-19 and the steps that have been taken to minimise the risk of transmission in the workplace. More importantly, though, it explores the simple, practical things everyone can do to keep themselves and others safe and well.

Course contents

The Staying Covid-Safe at Work online training course is made up of four bite-sized sections:

  1. What are we up against?

    • Know your enemy: what is Covid-19?
    • Methods of transmission
    • Importance of reducing the infection rate
  2. The new normal

    • Restructuring the workplace
    • Changing how we work
  3. What you can do

    • Hand hygiene
    • Breathing space
    • Travelling safely to work
    • Working virtually
    • Supporting each other
  4. Test your knowledge

    Comprehensive mastery test to verify each user's knowledge and understanding of the contents of the course. On successfully passing the test, users can download a personal course completion certificate.

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This course is available tailored for the following sectors:

  • Any Workplace
  • University/HE
  • College/FE