Supporting Mental Health at Work

Enable your staff to improve their own mental health and wellbeing and provide appropriate support to others with our elearning course

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Anyone can experience mental health difficulties at any stage of their lives, and the stress and anxiety created by the Covid pandemic has only heightened this. But historically mental health has been something that many people don’t feel able to openly acknowledge or discuss, which means problems all too often don’t get resolved and only escalate.

Our new Supporting Mental Health at Work online training course aims to change that. It gives staff a practical understanding of mental health and provides them with an action plan for improving their own mental health and wellbeing. Equally as importantly, though, it provides them with guidance on how they can help colleagues with their mental health and create an inclusive and supportive workplace culture.

Course contents

The Supporting Mental Health at Work online training course is made up of four bite-sized sections:

  1. Understanding mental health

    • Why mental health is relevant to all of us
    • Common forms of mental health conditions
    • Work related stress
    • What the law says
    • How you can help
  2. Improving your own mental health

    Five step action plan for improving your own mental health and wellbeing:

    • Talk about mental health
    • Get sufficient rest and exercise
    • Eat and drink healthily
    • Be part of the team
    • Give yourself a boost
  3. Supporting others

    • Recognising who needs support
    • Arranging a suitable time and place to talk
    • Tips for discussing issues
    • Providing help, advice and support
    • Importance of following up
  4. Test your knowledge

    Comprehensive mastery test to verify each user's knowledge and understanding of the contents of the course. On successfully passing the test, users can download a personal course completion certificate.

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