Tackling Modern Slavery

Help everyone recognise their responsibilities and take a positive role in putting a stop to slavery with our elearning course

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Think slavery is a thing of the past? If so, you should think again: around the world today, some 40 million people are trapped in slavery. And it’s not a remote issue: tens of thousands of slaves are thought to be living in the UK, while countless more are involved in some aspect of the products and services that we make use of in the UK.

In recognition of the scale of the issue, the government introduced the Modern Slavery Act in 2015. This places a wide range of legal duties on organisations to eliminate slavery from their operations and supply chains. With our Tackling Modern Slavery online training course, you can get everyone up to speed with their legal responsibilities and enable them to take a positive role in putting a stop to slavery.

These crimes must be stopped and the victims of modern slavery must go free. This is the great human rights issue of our time, and... I am determined that we will make it a national and international mission to rid our world of this barbaric evil.

Theresa MayPrime Minister, 2016

Course contents

Our Tackling Modern Slavery online training course is structured into three bite-sized sections:

  1. Slavery in the 21st century

    • Forms of modern slavery.
    • The role of human trafficking.
    • The scale of the issue... both globally and in the UK.
    • The Modern Slavery Act 2015: who it applies to and its main provisions.
  2. Tackling Slavery

    • Guidelines for identifying potential victims of modern slavery.
    • Steps for tackling modern slavery in supply chains.
    • Red flags to look out for with suppliers.
  3. Test your knowledge

    Comprehensive mastery test to verify each user’s knowledge and understanding of the contents of the course. On successfully passing the test, users can download a personal course completion certificate.

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